August 26, 2008

I am....Random

Life has been interesting this summer. Cherub lost his job the day of my surgery. He's slipped deeper into depression because of it.

I've been working full-time hours at work for the last three weeks. Ugh.

Moppets's fretting about going to school and I have yet to receive a letter telling me when her bus will be arriving. My parents took her "back-to-school" shopping today. I asked them to just get her a backpack (big enough for her lunch box and change of clothes) and 2 pairs of shoes. Guess what she came home with? 3 pairs of shoes, 2 outfits, about 30 pairs of socks, a crap load of dollar store stuff and a chocolate "princess" lollipop. *sigh* At least most of it will stay home, but at least the shoes, backpack and clothes are high quality.

I've been knitting up a storm lately. I've been working on Xmas presents, as we can't really afford to buy everybody on our list a lot. And it's keeping me sane. I joined Ravelry, and have been plundering it for advice, free patterns, contacts, etc. I've also purchased a LOT of books and patterns (either online or at work). That's given me a lot of options as to what to knit as prezzies.

I've decided to apply for a job at the local utility. It's full time (35 hrs/wk), union, benefits and the hours are reasonable (8:30-4:30). However, since DH isn't working, he'll have a schedule of cleaning, decluttering and job searching. Sounds stupid for a grown man to need such a detailed "HoneyDo" list, but he works better with structure. And when Moppet was at Day Camp and I was at work all week, he managed to get his list completed everyday. And he seemed to think it made life easier.

If this post seems somewhat random, it's because my brain is flying all over the place. I've been doing major data-mining of the internet for decluttering/organizing tips. And I can envision the results of decluttering. But I have to take it one small step at a time. Otherwise it's overwhelming.

I turned into a total couch potato after the surgery (justifiably so for the first month), and managed to gain about 15 pounds. I am NOT happy. This is the heaviest I've ever been. So the house is a disaster, my self image is the lowest it's been in a long while, and I'm severely stressing about money. Not a good sitch.

June 28, 2008

I am....almost better!

It's been about 4.5 weeks since the surgery. Most of the pain is gone. I still get stabbing pain usually centered around my nipples, as the internal tissue damage heals up, and nerves that we cut slowly reconnect. I never realized just how irritating wearing a bra 24/7 is when you've had to do it for 4 weeks straight. It's required to provide the necessary support while everything heals into the proper shape. In that time, I've had 5 migraines (all weather related). Which is a darn sight better than one every day for the 5 weeks before the surgery.

I attended the Faery Fest with DH & Moppet (located in Guelph) and we had a great time. I have a leather corset purchased at a local (now defunct) RennFest. It provided amazing support and I was comfortable in it. I'd be tempted to wear it non-stop, if it wasn't so BLOODY HOT!!! *grumble b*tch complain*

Cast on (and frogged) the Goddess Anniversary Mystery Shawl about 20 times. Still haven't finished clue 1. However, I'm ALMOST done DH's socks. But I've misplaced the first one, and until I find it, the sock will hibernate. I've started socks for Moppet (knee highs out of "Not Just Socks for Kids") yesterday and I'm almost to the heel flap. Since they're being made out of superwash wool, they'll be for when the cool weather comes. Which definitely won't be happening for a couple of months.

June 1, 2008

I am...sore

It's been a week and 2 days since my surgery. I have been to one follow up appointment (everything is healing nicely and I can shower again WOOT!), one emergency doctor's appointment (my body did NOT like the antibiotics perscribed and gave me rampant diarrhea for 48 hours) to change my meds. He also confirmed that I was healing nicely. AND my period decided to arrive. A week early. My poor, sore tummy!

My husband lost his job (wasn't a "good fit") on the day of my surgery. So he's been around to help out. But he's not earning any money. Which makes it a little difficult to pay bills, since I'm out of commission for the next couple of weeks.

I've spent most of the last week of convalescence surfing the internet on my laptop until my wrists rebelled, knitting up a wrap sweater for Moppet, and trying very hard not to whine too much. Or make my hubby want to strangle me. *sigh*

On a happier note, like I said, I'm healing nicely. And The new antibiotics are helping, rather than kicking the sh*t out of me. And I can actually spend time downstairs in living room rather than holed up in my bedroom going stir crazy.

So, how was YOUR week? ;-)

May 24, 2008

They're TINY!!!

Well I'm back from the hospital, where I had breast reduction surgery. I went from an H cup to a D cup.

I'm sore, stoned on percoset and laying here in bed, almost wishing I was back in the hospital with the automatic bed that moves to make me more comfy.

For those who know me in RL, know that I've been wanting to have my breasts done for years. It's only been since our decision to not have any more children that I looked into it. After all, you can't breast feed when your mammary glands have been removed. *smirk*

I'm in a certain amount of discomfort, and the swelling is bad right now. But I'm already much happier with how I look and feel. And my parent have been AMAZING!!! They took care of Moppet from 8am yesterday to 2pm today. They took her to playschool AND dance class. They fed her lots of treats (which they really weren't supposed to do) and kept her occupied. Which is a good thing, since she woke up crying because of nightmares.

I'm going to be laying in bed, surfing, watching DVDs and generally relaxing. At least for today and tomorrow.

May 14, 2008 dead

*sniff* I have been killed. In Sock Wars. My assassin destroyed me with a beautiful pair of hand knit socks.

But! I have a pair of socks, knitted JUST for me! And I didn't have to make them! *glee*

I will post a picture of my feet in them, just as soon as I dig out my camera.

What is it with obsessions? Mine tend towards crafting. Right now it's all about the knitting. About 6 months ago it was cross-stitch. 6 months before that it was chain maille. And before that, it was paint by numbers. (the NICE ones, with 50 colours, and lots of detail)

So, hopefully this obsession will last long enough for me to knit enough socks for my family members for Xmas. Yes Christmas. I tend to plan for this early, as most of the gifts are handmade.

May 10, 2008

Inaugural Post

Okay, this is my first "blogger" post.

I'm a SAHM, with a precocious 5yr old daughter (AKA Moppet) and a loving husband (AKA Cherub). I work for a craft mail order company answering phones on weekends and holidays.

My favorite forum is Krewmembers (see link). My favourite web comics are too numerous to mention.

I'm currently disguised as a suburban housewife. Who likes goth, vampires, Discworld, slash fanfic, leather, dark chocolate, folk and goth music, science fiction and fantasy.

I don't exactly fit in where I live. But like I said, I'm in disguise!