February 2, 2009

I am...."meme"ing?

This was stolen from Wendy Knits.

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your Name - Rosanne
Four letter word - read
Boy name - Reginald
Girl name - Rhianna
Occupation - Register Nurse
Color - Red
Beverage - Root beer
Something found in a bathroom - Razor
A Place - Rhode Island
Reason for being late - Resting peacefully (RIP)
Food - Rice
Something you shout - Right On (okay I'm channelling the 70's here)

Well, that was...interesting.....

DH hasn't found work yet, but he did have a job interview last week. So we'll see. I'm hoping he gets the call that he's got the job. He's going insane with not working and being Mr. Mom.

Our second car (the purple '97 Ford Escort wagon, dubbed the "Barneymobile") has officially been drivin into the ground. And, living in the small city (Woodstock Ontario), we pretty much HAVE to have 2 cars, at least for on the days that I work. Cherub has started to get some serious cabin fever while I've been at work.

I'm hoping that in the next few weeks we can pare down some of our possessions (as we seem to be choking on them lately) and declutter the house a little bit. *sigh*