August 26, 2008

I am....Random

Life has been interesting this summer. Cherub lost his job the day of my surgery. He's slipped deeper into depression because of it.

I've been working full-time hours at work for the last three weeks. Ugh.

Moppets's fretting about going to school and I have yet to receive a letter telling me when her bus will be arriving. My parents took her "back-to-school" shopping today. I asked them to just get her a backpack (big enough for her lunch box and change of clothes) and 2 pairs of shoes. Guess what she came home with? 3 pairs of shoes, 2 outfits, about 30 pairs of socks, a crap load of dollar store stuff and a chocolate "princess" lollipop. *sigh* At least most of it will stay home, but at least the shoes, backpack and clothes are high quality.

I've been knitting up a storm lately. I've been working on Xmas presents, as we can't really afford to buy everybody on our list a lot. And it's keeping me sane. I joined Ravelry, and have been plundering it for advice, free patterns, contacts, etc. I've also purchased a LOT of books and patterns (either online or at work). That's given me a lot of options as to what to knit as prezzies.

I've decided to apply for a job at the local utility. It's full time (35 hrs/wk), union, benefits and the hours are reasonable (8:30-4:30). However, since DH isn't working, he'll have a schedule of cleaning, decluttering and job searching. Sounds stupid for a grown man to need such a detailed "HoneyDo" list, but he works better with structure. And when Moppet was at Day Camp and I was at work all week, he managed to get his list completed everyday. And he seemed to think it made life easier.

If this post seems somewhat random, it's because my brain is flying all over the place. I've been doing major data-mining of the internet for decluttering/organizing tips. And I can envision the results of decluttering. But I have to take it one small step at a time. Otherwise it's overwhelming.

I turned into a total couch potato after the surgery (justifiably so for the first month), and managed to gain about 15 pounds. I am NOT happy. This is the heaviest I've ever been. So the house is a disaster, my self image is the lowest it's been in a long while, and I'm severely stressing about money. Not a good sitch.