May 24, 2008

They're TINY!!!

Well I'm back from the hospital, where I had breast reduction surgery. I went from an H cup to a D cup.

I'm sore, stoned on percoset and laying here in bed, almost wishing I was back in the hospital with the automatic bed that moves to make me more comfy.

For those who know me in RL, know that I've been wanting to have my breasts done for years. It's only been since our decision to not have any more children that I looked into it. After all, you can't breast feed when your mammary glands have been removed. *smirk*

I'm in a certain amount of discomfort, and the swelling is bad right now. But I'm already much happier with how I look and feel. And my parent have been AMAZING!!! They took care of Moppet from 8am yesterday to 2pm today. They took her to playschool AND dance class. They fed her lots of treats (which they really weren't supposed to do) and kept her occupied. Which is a good thing, since she woke up crying because of nightmares.

I'm going to be laying in bed, surfing, watching DVDs and generally relaxing. At least for today and tomorrow.

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