May 14, 2008 dead

*sniff* I have been killed. In Sock Wars. My assassin destroyed me with a beautiful pair of hand knit socks.

But! I have a pair of socks, knitted JUST for me! And I didn't have to make them! *glee*

I will post a picture of my feet in them, just as soon as I dig out my camera.

What is it with obsessions? Mine tend towards crafting. Right now it's all about the knitting. About 6 months ago it was cross-stitch. 6 months before that it was chain maille. And before that, it was paint by numbers. (the NICE ones, with 50 colours, and lots of detail)

So, hopefully this obsession will last long enough for me to knit enough socks for my family members for Xmas. Yes Christmas. I tend to plan for this early, as most of the gifts are handmade.

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Rositta said...

bang sorry to have done it, but you know how to others before they do it to you...ciao