June 28, 2008

I am....almost better!

It's been about 4.5 weeks since the surgery. Most of the pain is gone. I still get stabbing pain usually centered around my nipples, as the internal tissue damage heals up, and nerves that we cut slowly reconnect. I never realized just how irritating wearing a bra 24/7 is when you've had to do it for 4 weeks straight. It's required to provide the necessary support while everything heals into the proper shape. In that time, I've had 5 migraines (all weather related). Which is a darn sight better than one every day for the 5 weeks before the surgery.

I attended the Faery Fest with DH & Moppet (located in Guelph) and we had a great time. I have a leather corset purchased at a local (now defunct) RennFest. It provided amazing support and I was comfortable in it. I'd be tempted to wear it non-stop, if it wasn't so BLOODY HOT!!! *grumble b*tch complain*

Cast on (and frogged) the Goddess Anniversary Mystery Shawl about 20 times. Still haven't finished clue 1. However, I'm ALMOST done DH's socks. But I've misplaced the first one, and until I find it, the sock will hibernate. I've started socks for Moppet (knee highs out of "Not Just Socks for Kids") yesterday and I'm almost to the heel flap. Since they're being made out of superwash wool, they'll be for when the cool weather comes. Which definitely won't be happening for a couple of months.

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